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Registration is full !.
There is a waiting list for all distances.
Send an e-mail to to sign up for the waiting list.

Thank you for being interested in our no-nonsense event!

Firstly you’ll have to choose the distance: 25, 50, 75 km Refreshment posts are every 25k only.

Than we’ll need some information: (You can also email us )

First and Last name *
Address *
ZIPcode *
City *
Country *
Date of birth *
Male/Female *
Cell phone during the race *
Who to inform in case of emergency *
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You’ll have to agree with our terms and conditions (according to Dutch law in Dutch). See

It says, i.a.: “Please note that in certain weather conditions this race becomes extreme and participating is at your own risk”.
This is very important to us, because the race will never be cancelled by the organisation unless in case of Public Authorities interference!
Although in some race editions, we’ve been strongly advising and discouraging people to start.

Financially: Please transfer the participants fee according to the required distance to

75 km     € 25,00
50 km     € 20,00
25 km     € 15,00

You’ll receive a confirmation email when everything is found in order.