• 21 juni 2022 08:34

Not Dutch?

No Dutch Coast Ultra Run January 2021

We have decided not to organize a winter edition of the Dutch Coast in 2021. The developments surrounding the Corona virus are not favorable at the moment and the outlook for the somewhat longer term is not very bright either. For the winter edition we depend on the catering industry at the start and finish, Hotel Wienerhof in Den Helder and Beach Pavilion de Deining in Castricum aan Zee. In Den Helder we could still work with smaller start groups, which would be a logistical challenge. But the problem lies mainly in Castricum aan Zee. De Deining will close completely from January to April due to new construction. So we cannot go there. An alternative cannot be found in Castricum aan Zee. In the winter edition we cannot do without a good finish location. So the next winter edition will be the 2022 edition. Oops, that sounds far away now.
That is why we are going to think about enhancing the summer edition of 2021. The summer edition is usually in July or August and has more the character of a social run. Extra options are a medal, multiple distances, basic care and classifications with times. Just call!

Registration Dutch Coast Ultra Run 

Than we’ll need some information: (You can also email us  dutchcoastultra.info@gmail.com )

First and Last name *
Address *
ZIPcode *
City *
Country *
Date of birth *
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Cell phone during the race *
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You’ll have to agree with our terms and conditions (according to Dutch law in Dutch). See https://www.dutchcoastultra.nl/inschrijven/voorwaarden/

It says, i.a.: “Please note that in certain weather conditions this race becomes extreme and participating is at your own risk”.
This is very important to us, because the race will never be cancelled by the organisation unless in case of Public Authorities interference!
Although in some race editions, we’ve been strongly advising and discouraging people to start.

Financially: Please transfer the participants fee according to the required distance to

135 km  € 25,00
105 km  € 25,00
75 km     € 20,00
50 km     € 17,50
25 km     € 12,50

You’ll receive a confirmation email when everything is found in order.